YieldBox Generator

Introducing the latest innovation to the world of passive income and a powerful tool for our NFT holders.

The Yield-box is designed to incentivize XBORG holders in order to earn multiple project tokens under one reward mechanics.

What is the YieldBox

The YieldBox is a vault where each project that launches with VispX dedicates a % of their token supply which only XBorg NFT holders can yield as passive income rewards.

How does it work?

The flow chart below gives you an idea of the circulation mechanism of how the YieldBox works.

How are tokens injected into the YieldBox?

There are multiple ways tokens are injected into the YieldBox, it really depends on the incubation service we are offering.

Option 1 | Direct investment into the project by VispX team from the DAO treasury

Option 2 | We use the IDO launching fees to re-invest into the project in return for tokens

Option 3 | As an incubation service fee, project(s) will dedicate a % of tokens to the YieldBox

This method applies to each project we launch.

Does the Rarity of NFT make a difference?

Absolutely, this is where your yield power increases depending on the type of NFTs you hold.


Below is an example if VispX Invested $25,000 USD worth of token into a project.

  • Total supply: 2,500 XBorg NFTs

  • Initial circulating Supply: 1,000 XBorg NFTs

  • Each NFT brought into supply through partnerships or marketing will be communicated to the DAO

Below is based off initial circulating supply of 1,000 XBorg NFTs

If you were to multiply the above table across 10 projects and add these elements

  1. 5 NFT (Average per wallet)

  2. Average 5X on token price

  3. 10 projects

Based on capped supply of NFTs we are able to dedicate an automated % to each rarity. Each rarity will have a pool size to be claimed (in total).

YieldBox FAQs;

How many months does the total pool take to claim?

It varies upon each project however, to avoid high sell pressure generally it would be over a 4-6 month period for one pool to be diluted.

What happens if NFT holders don't claim?

If tokens are not claimed each month, they will simply roll over into the next month's pool and redistributed evenly.

Does holding more than 1 NFT increase my YieldBox returns?

Absolutely, each NFT acts as a multiplier based on the rarity of NFTs you are holding.

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