Launchpad - XPAD 2.0

(XPAD 2.0 is the token integration of our launchpad with XPAD 1.0 features)

XPAD 2.0 is when we introduce the $VXP token into our ecosystem model. It is important to note that the utility token will be released after;

  1. Minimum 10 projects launched

  2. Stable Revenue Model

  3. Health and active community

  4. VispX Ecosystem in full effect

The reason we are taking this approach is during these bear market conditions the focus should be on building out our product, gaining the masses in the community, and obviously reducing the barrier of entry into our launchpad.

Assuming the market conditions improve and the VispX ecosystem has significantly matured, we already have solid tokenomics powered by advanced utilities.

VispX Utility Token ($VXP)

The tokenomics and utility are ready for VispX's native token when we introduce it into our ecosystem. Advanced utility with a mature ecosystem is a fantastic approach when going into the market.

Essentially, the existing model of XPAD 1.0 (bear market strategy) will be transferred to the market in addition to the VXP utility token and we will revamp the model to XPAD 2.0.

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