Chain-Agnostic Ecosystem

VispX infrastructure is built on Ethereum, a layer 1 infrastructure in blockchain, and we are chain agnostic when it comes to supporting projects built on either layer 1 or layer 2 blockchain.

Is VispX going to support innovations of one particular layer 1 infrastructure, or is it going to seed fund and incubate projects that want to develop on any infrastructure?

Since each particular layer 1 and layer 2 has its strengths for developers, tools, and integrations to help the project development.

As VispX rather than supporting the growth of one particular layer 1 or layer 2 ecosystem, our aim is to support all layer 1 and layer 2 infrastructure ecosystems, and most importantly support the growth of all sorts of blockchain innovations’ journeys in becoming more community-friendly, market-ready, and widely adopted products and services.

Our XPAD 1.0 will roll out with Ethereum, polygon, Binance smart chain, and Solana. Followed with other chains as we mature and forsee need of supporting more chains in the future for the projects and their community.

Thus, VispX will operate in a chain-agnostic way, and will welcome applications from all innovators and entrepreneurs, regardless of which infrastructure they choose to host their blockchain project on.

And for our staking mechanism to distribute rewards from all projects;

  1. we will support multiple layer 1 wallets on our dashboard

  2. with easy step-by-step guides for integrating already available wallet addresses

  3. or to create new ones if you don’t have a wallet in a certain layer 1 infrastructure,

  4. so all IDOs and IGOs project participants world be able to claim their token in their respective chains and wallets upon claiming their tokens.

We believe that innovators and entrepreneurs should have a supportive environment regardless of which infrastructure they choose for their projects. As blockchain is moving towards greater capabilities for cross-bridging networks, and interoperability. And we will continue to support this path of oneness, by adopting chain-agnosticism from the beginning.

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