Community Pool

The public pool is designed to counter the bear market strategy for our non-Xborg NFT holders/ crypto community or whoever wants to participate in the token offering of the projects on our launchpad.

This strategy is to keep the investors within our community to still win without committing a massive buy of our native tokens to participate in the Community IDO pool and the projects would still be able to successfully raise investment with us.

Tokenless Launchpad 1.0

VispX will effectively be the first tokenless launchpad in the space with its launchpad 1.0 release. This method completely removes the barrier of entry and allows retail investors to directly invest in IDOs without having to hold or stake the launchpad token.

Direct Investment System

To execute the "ZERO" barrier of entry, we will allow retail investors to directly participate in IDOs via our launchpad.

Keeping this method as seamless as possible is equally important and if anyone has heard of the 6 sigma approach, then creating minimal touch points increases users' experience.


  1. Connect wallet

  2. Invest up to maximum allocation allowed in the public pool

  3. Select IDO Pool and swap USD stable coins for Tokens

  4. Claim tokens under the user profile once it's available to claim

It's literally that simple.

My Profile

Once the user has invested, then they would be able to see all their IDO project participation under their user profile dashboard.

  1. All the projects invested in

  2. View vesting schedule

  3. Claim your tokens

What are the fees for Public Pool investors?

In order to sustain the business model, the launchpad tax will cost direct participants/investors 10% of their initial investment.

For example;

  1. The user wants to invest $100 into project "A"

  2. During the transaction, a 10% tax will be applied for launchpad maintenance

  3. Total cost to consumer = $110 USD

  4. This $10 USD in tax will go immediately to the DAO treasury.

Note: This is our token-less approach for retail users and the maximum buy-in for each project varies from project to project.

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