Launchpad- XPAD 1.0

(XPAD 1.0 is the NFT integration of our launchpad without our native VXP token integration)

XPAD 1.0 is a Multi-Chain launchpad under the VispX ecosystem with a very unique fundraising model fueled by our XBORG NFTs, partner project NFTs, and direct investment pool for IDOs & IGOs. It is a result-oriented solution mainly for Multi-Chain focused Gaming, Defi, and NFT Projects, bridging the new method of fundraising between multiple blockchains.

XPAD 1.0 Model

IDO/IGO Mechanics

Select your blockchain and start investing or raising funds; in a decentralized way. Investors have available three ways of participating in the token offering on our XPAD 1.0, Holding XBORG NFTs, holding partner project nft

IDO/IGO Access

XPAD 1.0 works on the following model to let users participate in the initial offering of tokens.

  • XPAD | XBorg NFT Pool - Using XBorg NFTs

  • XPAD | Executive Lounge - Using partner project NFTs

  • XPAD | Direct Investment - Investing USD stable coins

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