Launchpad Revenue Model

Alone under our launchpad, we have 3 different revenue streams and that will be generating revenue from projects and retail investors utilizing our launchpad.

XBorg IDO Pool | 10% fee for projects on all capital raised through our NFT IDO pool

A standard fee amongst launchpads is between 8-12% of the total capital raised through the launchpad. This fee will be charged to the respective projects as a standard for VispX Launchpad.

Community IDO Pool | 10% IDO fee on investments on non-NFT holders

10% of the fee as launchpad tax from the user's investment will contribute to this revenue stream.

For example

  1. The user wants to invest $100 into project "A"

  2. Users will purchase $100 worth of tickets as a direct investment

  3. During the transaction, a 10% tax will be applied for the launchpad maintenance fee

  4. Total cost to consumer = $110 USD

  5. This $10 USD in tax will go immediately to the DAO treasury.

Executive Lounge | 10% fee for projects on all the capital raised from Executive lounge

We will get into exactly what the executive lounge is and how it will be one of the major disrupters in the space but, for the purpose of the revenue model segment, let's focus on how the revenue model works.

For Total capital raised within the Executive Lounge, a 10% fee will apply.

Example of how the launchpad revenue looks

Let's see how the revenue model for the launchpad will look

The revenue proceeds will go directly into the DAO Treasury.

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