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Game Hub

What is the "Game Hub"

We aim to create a centralized gaming hub for our gaming enthusiasts to have first-hand access to all the best games in the blockchain.
Think of - a game aggregator designed to bring users and gaming projects together.
Initially, we will place VispX ecosystems games on there until our user base reaches a sizeable amount in which we will start partnering with games to onboard onto Game Hub.
We have some core features we will be displaying over at The Game hub.
  • Featured games
  • Displaying all games within the Game Hub
  • Filter feature
  • Submit you game
Clicking into each game opens a whole new game page which allows users to access key features about the game specifically. These features include;
Figure 20.2
  • Play game tab
  • Buy token
  • Trailer
  • Website
  • Socials
  • Like feature
  • Gameplay gallery
  • News related to the game
  • Whitepaper
  • Tokenomics
Additionally, as part of our The Game Hub features, we will also allow games to access social features when submitting their game.