About Us

VispX is the first dual model launchpad that is already disrupting the launchpad arena. Designed to ensure almost no barriers of entry and to FINALLY allow projects looking to raise capital to incorporate their NFT holders into their IDOs.

The objective is to onboard high quality projects, utilizing our incubation services with the intention to launchpad their IDO via our launchpad.

LaunchPad | XPAD

The VispX launchpad offers 3 unique features that attract multiple retail investors with the NFT and crypto space.

NFT Model

Limited in supply, we allow our XBorg NFT holders to access unlimited IDOs we launch. Be careful if you're holding an XBorg NFT, it comes with a powerhouse of utilities and benefits never seen before in the launchpad arena

Public Pool

Designed to allow retail investors to directly invest in projects with the ZERO barrier of entry. In 3 easy steps, you can participate in IDOs

Executive Lounge

Do you have a project with NFTs in circulation? We allow your NFT holders to participate in your projects IDO. This unique feature is gaining traction in the market as projects are looking to increase utility for their NFT holders and to give them a chance to invest in their project


XBorg is the trade mark NFT of VispX. Limited in supply, holding this beast unlocks a powerhouse of utility and benefits never seen before in the launchpad arena.

The XBorg NFT utility is designed to give holders utility-based on 4 key pillars;

There are 11 different utilities XBorg NFT holders can unlock:

Why is VispX Unique

Let's take a quick look at why VispX is unique in nature and has the potential to disrupt the launchpad space and attract both high quality projects and mass retail investors:

  1. Innovative launchpad features

  2. Bear Market Strategy

  3. Bull Market Strategy

  4. A powerhouse NFT design to disrupt the NFT space

  5. Stable Revenue Model

  6. The Game Hub attracts quality projects and game enthusiasts

  7. Tech support team for partners

  8. DAO Model

  9. True Governance Model

  10. Expansion into the Metaverse

The VispX ecosystem is unique and provides projects we incubate the right amount of service needed to launch their product and create unique brand exposure.

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