What is XBorg NFT

XBorg NFT is a genesis collection of 2,500 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain and the brand mascot of VISPX. The objective of the XBorg NFT is to allow users the opportunity to access our launchpad IDOs & IGOs and to unlock exclusive benefits.
Our NFTs are made up of hundreds of hand-drawn exciting visual traits that make them unique.
Limited in supply and designed to create sustainable earnings for our holders. Simply holding the XBorg NFT opens up a whole new world of benefits like voting for community-driven features, new onboarding projects, and events. This makes our roadmap dynamic and adaptable.

XBorg NFT Supply

Our XBorg NFTs are limited in supply and only 2500 of these will ever exist in the market to ensure the valuation of the model remains high in the market and holders benefit the most.
XBorg NFT supply

XBorg NFT Distribution

The XBorg distribution matrix demonstrated below indicates how the VispX team will distribute the NFTs
Distribution Table
NOTE: For Strategic Partners, community vault, and marketing, we will be communicating to the DAO owners prior to distribution. We need to be very careful distributing these into the market.

XBORG Holders Access

Holder's access