This model is a community-driven incubation which is at the heart of our approaches, we want to make sure that our reward mechanisms for community involvement programs go through brainstorming sessions, feedback, and DAO votings, so we can create the right balances that will foster in managing and expanding the VispX ecosystem.

DAO Access

DAO - an acronym for "Decentralized Autonomous Organization" is at the heart of the disruption that's taking place related to the governance of organizations commonly used in the blockchain ecosystem.

Who can access it and where?

Only XBorg holders will have access to the DAO. This exclusive DAO will be set up on discord as a private channel for holders where we will discuss everything related to the projects we will incubate or launch in our ecosystem. Transparency is the key to a successful DAO and for this, we will open and execute all plans through the DAO.

At VispX we want to engrain the DAO into many parts of our ecosystem in decisions related to;

  • Which projects get funded and incubated

  • Product features and their numerical parameters

  • Community involvement mechanisms of the incubator

  • Yearly roadmap after the core products are complete

  • Resource management and distribution parameters through rewards


Looking at the revenue model, there will be multiple streams of money coming through the treasury. We will structure the treasury output once per month to ensure funds are being distributed in accordance with the business model and/or community rewards

The treasury can be considered for the following aspects

  • Investment Fund

  • Community Rewards (passive Income)

  • Ecosystem expansion

  • Development costs

  • Community project investment

Project Vetting

Every project will be vetted by the community. Your DAO vote counts when it comes to ensuring high-quality projects are launched via our launchpad

We adopt this 1:1 governance value at VispX, while also raising the bar for yay thresholds, so only the most beneficial outcomes get through the DAO vote casting systems. For example, project proposals will need at least 60% yay votes.

VispX Expansion

As part of the community-driven DAO, we want to hear your ideas and expand on them. This can also be incorporated into community lead projects that VispX will invest in.

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