Executive Lounge Pool

We give executive access to our NFT partner projects

The executive lounge is another innovative feature within the VispX ecosystem and one of the other means to participate in the token offering sale of a project coming under VispX's ecosystem.

Flexibility is key in this market. We have customised our launchpad to suit all projects needs to either their launchpad or adding utility to their NFT and allowing their holders to access our launchpad.

The idea behind the executive lounge is for it to only be accessible to NFT holders for projects we partner with. From there, the rest is customizable :)

✅ No Staking your NFT required

✅ We have a built in automated vesting schedule for users to claim their tokens

✅ You can swap in 3-4 simple clicks

How it works:

User experience is important so we want to keep this as seamless as possible for each project's NFT holders.

Step 1

Upload NFT Projects Contract address

Step 2

Upload project Information

Step 3

Your NFT holders will now have exclsuive access to the VispX launchpad!

NFT holders of partner projects can now go to https://xpad.vispx.io/executive-lounge and connect their wallet to access all the IDOs.

Step 4

  • User Profile

Once invested, users can access their user profile under the dashboard to view:

  1. Token unlocking period

  2. Claim button

  3. Projects invested

This model brings a substantial amount of new users to the VispX ecosystem and ultimately opens up the doors to raise investments for projects by their own community.

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