➡️ VISPX Introduction

VISPX is the first tokenless IDO investment launchpad fueled by XBORG NFTs
Unique and Revolutionary! These words kept echoing through our minds as all of us have been directly involved in the world of traditional launchpads and wanted to create something new and innovative. Our vision revolves around creating not just a launchpad but, an ecosystem designed to bring a competitive advantage for projects to lean on.
Designing a unique model that brings retail investors closer to the projects without the barrier of entry is our primary focus at VispX. As we were able to bottleneck the traditional launchpad issues, were then able to creatively expand the ecosystem to host multiple features accessible by the projects and users we onboard.
Also, our Launchpad provides a robust environment for IDOs to take place, with an NFT integration model for allocation mechanism for XBORG NFT holders, and VXP token stakers/farmers.
At VispX, NFT holders and our community members who involve in the success of the projects that get their seed fund and incubated through community votings, receive reward tokens from all selected & funded projects, creating a DeFi seed fund mechanism to create diversified portfolios of reward tokens.
This document highlights all the mechanisms and systems of our decentralized incubator & seed fund ecosystem as follows:
Our whitepaper is ready for you to take a look at all the mechanisms and systems of our decentralized incubator & seed fund ecosystem.
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